Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015

Dear family,

Here are two pictures that one of the elders in my district sent me. I took some pictures but I have to find the cord to my camera still so hopefully these will send to you. 

I have officially conquered the first week of my MTC experience! :) 
Not gonna lie, it wasn't the easiest at first but I told myself to have an open mind and an optimistic attitude and trust in the Lord and everything would be fine! And guess what? It is! This past week I have been able to overcome some fears such as roleplaying and sharing my feelings and thoughts with others in front of the class. Sister Stapley and I have investigators we have been teaching here. One of these is a woman named Fabiola. She is going through cancer right now. I have just been showing that I care and that I truly want to help her come unto Christ and be happy. Its been great so far! And guess what? I have been able to feel the spirit so strongly here. One of the reasons I wanted to go on a mission was to recognize the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life. As I have been teaching Fabiola with Sister Stapley, I have had words come out of my mouth that were not my own. I have been able to teach lessons that I didn't think I understood myself. Heavenly Father knows us and loves us and our families. I know that he will guide me to people waiting to hear the message and that I need to worry less about myself and offending people, and worry more about bringing people closer to the Savior and trusting in God. 

I love my sisters, Sister Stapley, Sister Sutton, and Sister Faalauau. They are wonderful. We have new sisters joining our district today. Oh, by the way, I am a sister training leader which I guess is kind of a big deal but not really. We are like zone leaders but....sisters. haha We go to different meetings with the branch president and such. 

The food here is pretty good...too good. haha I tried watching myself the first few days but I haven't been as much now. I do enjoy exercising here which is surprising. And yes, Brad, I have stayed away from the orange juice but I actually hear its not bad. I have had a surprisingly easy time getting up every morning at 6am to shower. Probably because I have been praying fervently that that would be the case. haha But the showers are warm and I've only had one problem of waiting for them because I get up early to use them so they're usually open. 

The elders in my district are so great. Have good spirits and are here for the right reasons. The picture in front of the temple from left to right: Elder Nettleton (from Payson), Elder Winmill (from Burley), Elder Otu (from a lot of places but he's Tongan), Elder Fogg (from Orem), Elder Davis (from Vancouver, WA or that one city that has the motorcross right there can't remember the name), and Elder Ah Mu (from Orem). They are so great and good examples to me. 

I'm grateful that you turned in my piggybank. No, it's money from high school mostly. By the way, you don't need to send anything yet until after I get to Florida. I have too much stuff and I may have to leave a bunch of stuff here because my suitcases weigh too much. I am so glad that I packed my little suitcases for the MTC though. I have been able to stay organized so far. Go ahead and not send my ipod yet but when I want you to, please send the black back with it. Couldn't find it so I'm glad you did. I like the cards and stuff you sent with me, thank you. We haven't had any time to sit and write because I only get one p-day in 2 1/2 weeks! We got jipped! But I wrote a letter to you and that probably won't get to Oregon until after you see this email. 

Read 2 Nephi chapter 2, it's awesome! We have to have opposition in our lives. If we didn't know sorrow or pain we wouldn't know happiness! And God wants us to be happy! Try to be happy and smile at someone everyday. It really does help, I promise! Anyways, not sure what else to write. Next time I email I will be in Florida!!!!!!!!!! :D


Sister Morgan

 Kim's MTC District in front of Provo LDS Temple

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