Monday, July 27, 2015

What A Week!


I sang at the Ray's game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 34 of us missionaries sang the National Anthem and it was so cool! (See pictures). We were able to watch most of the game too which was a neat experience and rare. You might be able to find it on youtube or online somewhere. So I guess I am famous now ;)

The first thing I am spending money on when I get home is a massage....I have so many knots! :)

This week has been super crazy with thunder and lightning...if you know me you know I kind of have a fear of thunder and it has been scary! One day we were sitting inside during a storm and lightning hit right by us, there was literally a spark that came out of the electronic outlet like half a foot into our apartment. It was terrifying. But exciting!

Some miracles: 
Dennis came to church yesterday! We told him that we couldn't teach him anymore if he wasn't keeping all of his commitment and he actually came for Sacrament! So happy!
We were tracting and prayed to have 2 new investigators and a lesson and we met a family that let us in to pray with them!!!! We even knelt for the prayer and we are seeing them tomorrow. They also invited us for dinner! So blessed. 

Aaron and Erica still need to be married before they can be baptized so we are working on that!

Its definitely been hard but I am trying to make the most of it. I know God is just preparing me for the future, because sadly life doesn't get easier! I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I know that families are eternal and that we can be sealed together for time and all eternity. This is what keeps me going! Blessings will come in the future as long as we keep being obedient and doing what we know to be true!!!

Love you all, 

Sister Morgan

I am sending photos first this time! Starting off with pics from the Rays game!

Sister Packer and I in our Rays shirts!
 My view of the field. I sang right in the middle!!!!! Home plate!

 Sister Judkins and I (Sister Sutton's old companion)

    Sister Packer and I at the game (This one is cute too!)

 The other sister is Sister Huber, our old sister training leader. 

              Books of Mormon!

 Sharing the gospel with every creature....

 Me and Sister Mudge (Sister Sutton's old companion)

Sister Packer, me, Sister Mudge and Sister Loveridge

Monday, July 20, 2015

No time!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I forgot to write a big email this week and I have no time! Some highlights:

Tomorrow is my 6 month mark!!!!!!!!

Transfers is this week, I am staying here with Sister Packer

Guess what?!?!?! I am singing at the Tampa Bay Ray's game this Friday!!!!!!! Its Mormon night and about 35 missionaries are singing the national anthem and I am one of them!!! So cool. Brad or Trevor- if you can find the game online or something then you can see me maybe!!!!

Our investigators Aaron and Erica are doing well, I love them. They just need to get married and then they can be baptized!!!! They are keeping their commitments and are growing closer to their Savior!!!! Its so wonderful to watch the changes in their lives. 

Sorry, not much else! Thank you everyone who emailed me this week, I really appreciate it. I love emails and letters! :) Have a great week! Want something to read in the Book of Mormon? Read Alma 22 or 36, both good chapters!


Sister Morgan

Looks like rain!

Sister Packer and I


Beautiful Sister Missionaries with Florida raindrops leaving their mark! :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 473894789590580....

Dear family,

I wonder what week I am on? This week was fast and slow at the same time...all of them are that way now. I can't send any photos this week because we aren't at our usual spot for emailing. Not that there were many anyways...

I can't remember what happened this week except for my investigators, Aaron and Erica. They are so cute. On Thursday we had the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and it went great. We talked about faith and how it leads us to action- to change, repent. Then about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost. They are on track to be baptized which is fantastic. But they aren't married yet. Yesterday we had the eternal marriage and law of chastity lesson and it went great. It was at the Nunez's house which is a family in our ward that are really good friends to them and can relate to them. They want to get married as soon as they can. I am so excited for them. I am also nervous though because I know the adversary is going to work on them and try to make everything go wrong so they can't be baptized. Satan is the worst. Whenever you try to do something right, he gets mad and temps you even more. But don't fall for it!

Yesterday was awesome. We had three investigators at church! Aaron, Erica, and Dorita Wyman (the old Spanish lady who promised her husband before he died that she would get baptized). It was great! Hopefully they will come next week too. We had a day full of talks about taking the Sacrament and how important it is that we do so every week. It is like being baptized again every week. I love Sundays, even if it isn't a day of rest for missionaries. I made a list a few months ago of all the things we can so to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I encourage all of you to do the same. And then follow it. 

I am grateful to be out here in Florida. I know that what I am experiencing now is preparing me for the future. I know that there is a plan for each of us with blessings waiting at the end if we are faithful and do our part. A good talk from this last conference was The Gift of Grace by Elder Uchtdorf. I encourage you all to read it or watch it. Very good. Anyways, hope y'all have a great week.

Sister Morgan

P.S. I ate alligator the other week, forgot to mention it. It actually was good, tasted like chicken :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Dear family and friends,

I hope you all had a happy Independence Day! Isn't it weird we say "Happy Fourth of July"? We don't say happy Twenty-fifth of December...weird.

This week was hard.

You want to know why? Well, there comes a point on your mission (usually, actually definitely, more than once) that you get tested. This last week was difficult companion-wise. It came to a point that we just had to sit down and talk and make a list of things we both were going to do to improve our relationship. Companion unity is important as missionaries. To share the gospel, you have to have the Spirit and you cannot have the Spirit if there is contention. We know there are things we are to learn from each other, that is why the Lord wanted us to be companions. Does it make it easier? No. But is it possible for us to learn from each other? Yes. So I am going to get through this and try my best to make my weaknesses become strengths. 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting at church. I actually went up and bore my testimony. I know this shouldn't sound shocking, I'm a missionary - don't I bear my testimony everyday? Yes, but I don't bear it in front of large amounts of people ,ever. I decided this time to clear my mind and not even have a back-up testimony in my mind as I went up there. I just said what I felt, gratitude for my family, testified that God loves us and knows us individually, things like that. It felt good. 

I am itching my legs like crazy these many mosquito bites....something you don't think about because you have never had to wear skirts all day everyday! 

We had a zone training on Tuesday, an official one where President talked to us. And guess what? I was asked to play the piano at it! I was nervous because there were so many missionaries there and it was so formal but, guess what? I prayed and I did fine! It was truly a miracle. And guess what else? We are now suppose to be in by 9pm for safety reasons and because all of us are obedient to getting up at 6am, so the idea is that we will be in bed by 10pm so we can get a full 8 hours of sleep. Its been nice. 

I've been trying a new diet this week of sandwiches and cereal, super boring but hey, it was the last week of the month. :)

President Cusick surprised us by inviting us to lunch on Thursday. We ate at a place called Ballyhoo with them and the other Sisters. It was really good, a nice Florida seafood place (I had fish tacos). It was funny because we were expecting President and Sister Cusick to have like a specific reason of meeting with us but it turns out that they just wanted to eat with us and get to know us. Needless to say, it was weird. I love them both so much though, they truly care about us. 

Well, in closing of this email letter thingymajig I want to bear my testimony of my love for this country. I am grateful to live in a country where I can practice freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I know this country was prepared by God and that it was prepared for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be restored on it by the prophet Joseph Smith. It could not have been restored in any other country at that time. I know that everything is done in the Lord's timing. He will bless us as we trust in Him and have patience. Patience. Something that does not run in my family (sorry family) and is something I am trying to be better at. I have come to find how much the Lord knows us - our strengths and our weaknesses. Trials will come, it is inevitable, but through our faith and diligence in living the standards of the gospel, praying, reading our scriptures, coming to church, we can make it through our trials and even still be happy and have peace - wouldn't that be nice? :) 

I love you all, thanks for supporting me, write me letters please!!!

Sister Morgan

P.S. I am grateful for Elder Packer and everything he has done for us as members and the church as a whole. He will be missed. :( Go read his last talk if you haven't yet, I know it was hard to understand him when he was talking at General Conference, but it is a great talk. Remember a kiss and a cookie for your marriages. :)

Sorry, this week is lame with pictures but here are a few anyways!


If you look a little closer you can see a raccoon hiding! :)

 So here is a pretty big house on the bay by where we live

 Storm coming- thunder and lightning...always. Getting over my fear!
Sister Missionary picture!