Monday, October 12, 2015

One Last Week

Dear family and friends,

This week was so bittersweet. I was lucky enough to spend every waking moment with my wonderful companion, Sister Vanderhoff. I love her so much. But it was also the last week I was able to spend every waking minute with her. :(  We have become best friends, and I know that God sent me here to meet her so that I could find a friend for life. I will miss her. But, she's not getting rid of me for forever. ;)

We were out with the people all week but sadly all the people were in their cars.... we tried seeing a few potentials but nothing really panned out. A lot of walking. I tell you, I am going to have those awful sister-missionary calves when I come home! Yikes. But it is good to be exercising all the time, when you improve your physical well-being its easier to improve your spiritual well-being. I have come to know this is true on my mission. 

We currently have two dates set, one is 11 and one is 12. Shaderika and Laquasha. I think Brad will like these names. We have only met with them twice and its hard to get in contact with them because its through their mom and she doesn't get back to us much so we will see how it goes. They are very cute and excited to read the Book of Mormon. 

I am sorry I am not very good at writing of specific experiences. I have the worst memory, I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast! There are always many miracles throughout the week. One of my favorite parts of being a missionary is praying with people. It is amazing to hear someone pray for the first time in their life. They are so sincere and really say what is in their heart. It makes me want to have more faith and more REAL prayers with Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants us to communicate with him. He answers prayers. Its never in the way I expect him to- I wish he would just tell me everything I want to know right when I am praying- but he expects us to act and to exercise our faith. Faith without works is dead. James 2:26

I feel like something big is coming- maybe this transfer is going to make me work super hard, and build my faith more. I am excited though because I know every trial is just strengthening me and helping me reach my potential. Its not easy to say that while I am going through the trial of course, but I know whatever it is is preparing me to be a better wife and mother and daughter and sister and aunt and granddaugher and niece...the list could go on! Next week is my halfway mark- can you believe that?!?!? So I have many goals set and needed to be set. I don't want any regrets at the end of my mission. I am grateful to be here and have this opportunity to serve the Lord. 

Love you all, 

Sister Morgan



 Storm Chaser Vehicle

Lunch with the Smith's (missionary couple in Gulfport) 

 A HUGE smoker!

 We ate at a cute little southern place called "Urban Comfort". We had Hushpuppies and fried green tomatoes!!!! I had a comfort burger that was carmelized onions and melted gouda cheese. Sooooo good! Sister Van wanted some good southern cooking before she went home and I am glad she did! :)
A random tree with like 5 parrots! 

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