Monday, February 22, 2016

13 Month Mark!

Hello everyone,

Did you read that? Yes, 13 months! Crazy. I was happy to find out that I am in St. Pete for another transfer with Sister Judkins. By the end of these next few weeks, I'll have been here as long as I was in my first area, Tampa 4! Its kind of nice. I hate change, but I also don't like no change so I think the Lord is teaching me to be patient and not expect to be delivered out of situations.

This week was actually a little hard. Our investigator, Donika, dropped off the face of the Earth and when we finally got in contact with her she had gone back to her word of wisdom problems and just completely stopped progressing. It was so sad. But if there is one thing I've learned on my mission, its that your physical environment has to be ready for your spiritual environment. Its hard to quit smoking if you are surrounded by smokers all the time or keep a pack on your dresser. You have to completely leave the environment or you get sucked back in.

Sorry, not much time to write this week. We have been taking the youth out with us as much as we can and we are having great success. We think the reason we both stayed here is actually for the youth. Many of them want to go on missions now, it's great! I love feeling like I am making a difference in their lives. I never really had missionaries that stuck out to me so I am glad I am helping them gain righteous desires. The future of the church is in the youth.

I have so many blessings being out here. I truly love the St. Petersburg ward that I am serving in. They are slowly catching the wave of member missionary work. I love this gospel and I know that when we follow the commandments we are blessed, we are happier.

I love you all,
Sister Morgan

 Most of the youth and a few of our investigators after Sunday School :)

 Giant leaves :)

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