Monday, February 1, 2016

"St. Pete load-up, we're going to the South side!"

Dear family and friends,

So yesterday was the highlight of the week. 
We got permission to go with a family in our ward to the South side of St. Pete, which is the ghetto aka the hood. The Wests have a friend named Joan who is black and hilarious and wanted to cook a big Sunday meal. There were at least 30 people there, going in and out. Sister Judkins and I were in the minority. It was so much fun though- I tried collard greens, black-eyed peas, the best fried chicken ever, homemade mac and cheese, cabbage, and anything else Southern you can think of. Our investigator Stephanie came too. I am sending videos and pictures if they work. We didn't want to leave. But, if we didn't have the "in" with Joan, we would have been scared to death to walk down that street. Its one of those streets that you see in a criminal show that people are doing drugs, dealing drugs, and probably walking around with guns. Needless to say, I was safe because we were with Joan's crew. :) 

There's been some drama with leaders in our ward lately but its getting better. Sister Judkins and I work really hard with members- to get them out to lessons especially. I love working with the young women here because they are all really young and not sure about their testimonies so its been fun to strengthen them and hear them wanting to go on missions now. Stephanie has been a big help too, they all look up to her. 

Speaking of Stephanie...she's getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited, she is ready! Keep her in your prayers please that Satan won't try to attack her and make her doubt herself. She is so strong and loves the members here. They have really took her in, especially the Wests. 

We had some cool lessons this week with different people. We are working hard! 

Oh, and I had pizza on Saturday. I am always reminded of Mountain Mikes, which has the best pizza ever and I miss working there. I think pizza is one of the things I crave the most being on my mission. I can beat anyone in a pizza-eating contest. :) 

Anyways, love you all! Read Moroni 6:4-6, it reminds us of why we continue to go to church after we are baptized and the importance of worshiping together, and not just in our hearts. 


Sister Morgan
 It was flooding by the bay, rained all day. 

With Auntie Joan

 At the "hood"

 Joan's crew!

Taylor and Sister finger paint anyone?

In the car headed toward the Skyway Bridge!
Some people fear this bridge because it is long and large over the bay.
 But it isn't too bad!

Much of the bridge is low, next to the water.
One section with height for large ships to pass

Worldwide missionary training conference

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