Monday, March 21, 2016

14 Months!


I can't believe it once again! I hit another month mark. This morning during personal studies I had the thought to pull out my patriarchal blessing and read it (its a special blessing given from God straight to you that is very personal and helps you know what blessings you'll receive if you remain faithful). Well, turns out I received my blessing three years ago today. Wow. So much has happened since then. Its crazy. I had no clue that I would be going on a mission three years ago but it just shows that God has a perfect plan for each of us. 

Highlights of the week:

Tuesday morning I was a wreck. I was so nervous to be training at district meeting for the first time as an STL but it worked out. We even ran out of time to do everything we wanted to. It gave me confidence that I can do this and that God qualifies who He calls. 

On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Palm Harbor sisters. It was a lot of fun! I always learn so much from exchanges, they're the best! 

Thursday: Happy St. Patrick's Day! We have a new investigator named Jennifer who is pretty awesome. She read the Restoration pamphlet and started the B of M before we saw her next. She also researched online (which can be scary) but didn't seem to mind. We asked her to be baptized and she set it as a goal. We plan to see her multiple times this next week and continue to teach her about Jesus Christ and baptism. 

On Friday we had the picnic I sent pics of. Vilma and Katherine are less-actives / pretty recent converts that we are teaching and of course, Peggy and Sister Smith (I don't have a picture of her). It was a nice idea. We ate at Sawgrass Park. That night we tracted and got frozen yogurt at Menchies with a YW. 

Saturday felt like a wasted day. A storm came in in the morning and most of the day was drizzle. We tried finding lost members and tracting and store contacting. Not the most productive. I think I will have a hard time when I come home not being busy all the time. Because if there is any down time during the day, I feel anxious and impatient. I hope I can find ways to be really busy. But anyways, we did more finding in the evening and then had a lesson with Vilma. 

Sundays are the best. We were able to receive some referrals from members of friends they have who would be interested in learning more about the church. I hope this next week is busy and full of teaching :)

Sad because the Smiths are finishing their mission soon and going back to Rigby, ID. I will miss them terribly, they are like family! But I'll see them again when I go back to BYU-I. 

Anyways, sorry nothing too exciting this week. No plans for Easter yet...not sure if we will. But thats okay! General Conference is right after that and we are so excited! I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I laugh when people say Mormons aren't Christian... our religion is centered around Him! Every day I testify that His church has been re-established on earth today. That He lives and loves us. Because of Him we can be saved from our sins. He is the only way back to our Heavenly Father and for our families to be eternal. Through Jesus Christ, I have found new life! I challenge everyone to watch the new Easter video. Its non-denominational and only two minutes long. #hallelujah or


Sister Morgan 
 Our exchange with Sisters Hunt and Minson

Random -- 
I saw my name! 

Friday Picnic--
 Vilma and I

 Peggy and I

 Sister J and I

Katherine and I 

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