Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th, 2015

Sorry, this is going to be pretty short.

This Wednesday marks 4 weeks since I left on the mission! A whole month! That's pretty crazy. The days are long but the weeks are short is what I hear and its pretty true. 

So much happens between p-days and I'm not sure what to write honestly. Thank you everyone for the letters, I felt loved :) 
Dad- you know that letter you wrote me like the first of February? I didn't get it till this last Thursday! Thank you for writing me, I was beginning to think you forgot about me!
Thank you Brad and Allison for the letters and pictures, I won't have time to email you this week but I'll try to see if I can write a letter! I love pictures so keep sending them!
Thank you Aunt Sandra and Gma for the Valentine's Day card!

YAY!!!!! Baby Morgan!!!!! I was wondering all week when he was going to be born. Glad everything went well and I can't wait to see him in 17 months! 

It has been super cold for Florida this week. I have to wear an actual jacket instead of a cardigan! So sad. Sister Vanderhoff and I did a lot of finding this week with no luck. We need new investigators to teach the gospel but we can't find any. :(  We have been seeing a lot of less-actives though so that's good. 

We ate dinner last night with a convert from San Antonio- she's in the San Pedro ward if that means anything to Brad. She misses it. She has a cat who looks exactly like my Dash cat, Mom. Purebred applehead seal point Siamese. So cute. 

Fun missionary story- went to teach an inactive that wasn't home but his two sister-in-laws were there. One of them was drunk out of her mind and it was pretty funny but it just reminds me how important it is for us to have control over our own bodies and that we shouldn't take anything to make us lose this control. She pulled out the bible and started reading it so that was good but it is just so hard to have the spirit in that environment.

The other sister missionaries in our ward are awesome, yes we have 4 sisters in our ward! They are Sister Brown from Herriman by South Jordan and Sister Day from St. George. Everyone loves calling me Sister Morgan from Oregon. That's how they remember me. Lots of kids in the ward which is fun but hard because I can't pick them up or anything. :(  And oh my goodness, everyone and their dog has a dog!!! Everyone.has.pets. And dogs are always inside.. always. So most of my skirts I can only wear once a week because they smell like dogs. 

Anyways, 3 Nephi chapters 13 through 15 are pretty awesome. Read them. But my favorite scripture since I've been here has been Moroni. Definitely read that. So yeah, sorry I am forgetful! Thanks mom for the address book! I am grateful for everything you guys did for me! Love you!

Sister Morgan 

P.S. I'll try to upload some pictures.
P.S.S. Sorry it won't let me upload any photos I don't know why :( I got these from Sister Vanderhoff.  Have a good week!

My 1st Florida Companion! Sister Vanderhoff!

Not sure there really are cookies inside!?!

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