Monday, February 23, 2015

One Month!

That's right, I have officially been on my mission for a month!!!! It feels like I started forever ago but at the same time its gone by so fast. 

Florida is so great. There is a Publix on every corner- big grocery store. We went today and I got some really good sushi :) Yum! The store is kind of expensive but they have good fruit and stuff. One thing I discovered that I really like? Granola cereal. Mmmm. And I cut up bananas and mix it in with my vanilla almond milk. The best. So yes, Mom, I am eating. But I am eating healthier too! I know, its so unlike me but hey, missions change people I suppose...or at least that's what I heard... ;)

This week was pretty awesome. At district meeting we all got individual ipads- which I don't care too much for, one was fine - and in a few weeks everyone in the whole mission is getting brand new ipads which I know they contacted you because I have to pay for it (whoop). But its okay I guess, we keep it after the mission. We had a mission conference on Friday where we talked about ipads. The first Presidency and Quorum of the 12 are really liking that we are testing ipads and think God is giving all this technology to us now to hasten the work. They think ipads are great for us to adjust after we return home too. Most missionaries go home and they haven't had technology their whole mission so they go home and get in a lot of trouble because all the sudden they can access everything again. By us learning how to use self control with technology on our missions, it won't be so hard of an adjustment when we return home. Elder Zwick came and is still here, he is a member of the first Quorum of the 70 and let me tell you- he is amazing. I felt the spirit so strongly when he talked to us. I invite you to look him up and read some of his background and his talks. He's awesome. We also were the first people to see "Because He Lives", the new Easter video and it was fantastic! It will be released in a few weeks. 

I saw my first opossum this week. They are gross. 

I have had a problem with headaches this week. Been taking medicine almost every day, I don't know if its the sun or change in was the coldest its been in Florida in years- 30s! But its warming up now, very humid today. 

I love the families in my ward, they are powerhouses. One of my favorite families is the Barberenas. The mom and daughters are Dominican, the step dad is from Honduras I believe. They are amazing and make me feel right at home. I also love the Riveras, a couple who are both from Puerto Rico but lived in New Jersey most of their lives. They have a fun accent and are both pretty short. But the wife- Ziraida is learning to read because she didn't have the best education growing up. They both just love it when we come over. 

Got my first actual blisters this week and that was gross...not sure what to do honestly so hopefully they'll just get better. I know, tmi. 

Everyone here ropes me into playing the piano at church all the time so that's fun. I really love playing, I just wish that I had focused on learning more hymns before my mission. I don't have time to practice here, so people just have to suffer through my bad playing on a lot of hymns. That's a goal when I get home is to learn how to play every hymn in the hymnbook. 

Thank you for the Valentine's Day card! And tell Bill and Leann Miller thanks for the card as well!

2 Nephi 31 is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, you should read it! 

I know that God lives and that he has sent me to Tampa, Florida for a reason. To give people hope and faith in Jesus Christ and a better world. In knowing that families truly can be together forever through him. Life isn't over when we die. We are here now to gain experience and become more like our Heavenly Father. You want to know my biggest motivation of being on a mission? My family. I love you guys. I want to be with my family here now and my future family forever. God just wants us to be happy. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Morgan

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