Monday, March 23, 2015

2 Months!


I survived transfers! I am still in Town N Country area with my trainer. I love it here. I know the Lord sent me to the Tampa mission, just so I can serve here, or at least it feels like it. I know most of the members in the ward now and they are so great. Want to help with missionary work. We try to get a member to our lessons but it doesn't always work out. People need to have friends in the church and feel accepted or they will not come. Makes sense. 

This week was strange. On Tuesday we had three appointments which is really good! I got to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ three times! But then the rest of the week was sad. Every single appointment dropped. And Susana isn't getting baptized anymore :( She doesn't want to give up coffee right now and there is a lot of temptation around her. We are still teaching her though!

Hey mom- can you send me that Ministerial certificate thing? Its really small and I sent it home from the MTC but I guess I need it to show people that I am a missionary or bad things could happen. Its signed by the prophet... tell me if you know what I am talking about please. :) And could you email me a picture of Kenai as a puppy and adult? Everyone here loves dogs and wants to see a picture of her. Thanks!

Yesterday was hard. Grace passed away- I think I talked about her. She had cancer and dementia and we were seeing her daughter Mary who isn't a member. She is so strong and is basically a dry Mormon. 

The ward picnic was on Saturday and it was great, I'll send pictures. We were at a park right on the bay, it was beautiful! I am so grateful to be in Florida :)

My challenge for everyone this week is to be more grateful. I have had many reminders from people and the scriptures this week of how important it is to have gratitude. I know it will make you more happy. We are given so much from God. Look outside and see the beauty of the Earth. Be grateful for your home, your family and friends, the scriptures, but most important is prayer. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to talk to him. He has given us the gift of prayer, to help us know we are not alone. I love him for that. 

Alma 26 is officially my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. Read it! :)
Trust in God, and remember how much he has given you.

Sister Morgan

Here are the photos sorry! 
Pic 1- my fav sisters! Sis Brown, Day, Vanderhoff, Me!
pic 2- us after exercising at 6am...
pic 3- the bay
pic 4- me 

 Pic 1- my fav sisters! Sis Brown, Day, Vanderhoff, Me!

 Pic 2- us after exercising at 6am...

 Pic 3- the bay

Pic 4- me!!!

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