Monday, March 16, 2015

First Transfer!

Hello everyone,

Guess what? Yep, this Thursday is transfers. I am staying obviously because I am still training, thank goodness! I love my area, Town N Country. It is pretty safe and the Tampa 4th Ward is awesome! My companion thinks that I am going to take over the area along with a greenie that comes in this week who is being trained by Sister Day. Sister Brown (her current companion) is leaving which makes me sad. I love her, she reminds me of Ashley Williams (Keys) because she has the same great personality and makes everyone happy. :) I will miss her, don't know where she is going yet. After the mission I'll see her because she's just in Herriman. 

I will try to see Brother Jorgenson's son again, but chances are we won't unless we are near him, he's far away. But I will try! Thanks for his number.

I made tater-tot casserole about three weeks ago! Made me think of you, Mom! :) Its the best!

I've been thinking of Jenna Westover! Tell her that I said good luck and she will do great! Excited for Jackie, she is going to miss Florida though... it is beautiful! I would love to live here someday, but I'll be what they call a snowbird- only come half the year- like Aunt Margaret. She is smart! :) It is already getting so hot here.  80s and humid. I am starting to regret having half my wardrobe being long sleeves... no bueno. 

Speaking of Spanish, its EVERYWHERE!!!! All the people we are teaching or are about to teach this week speak Spanish. I literally want to beat myself up for not learning it!!!! I lived with my brother, who served in the Dominican Republic, for almost 5 months. Stupid. But that's okay, we all make mistakes (some bigger than others). Luckily, my companion has picked up a little since her mission started so she can have very basic conversation with people we meet. I only know a few words- Dios es su amoroso padre celestial- God is our loving Heavenly Father. That's as far as it goes :)

Alright, here are some highlights from this week:

-I received an orange straight off a Florida orange tree, I haven't ate it yet but I am sure it is tasty!
-"A testimony is like a toothbrush- you can use your parents, but you should really get your own." :)
-Did more service for Jessica, she loves us. We cleaned out some of her cupboards and helped her get rid of some things. She holds on to Tupperware like you do Mom, but it was good. 
-My progressing investigator, Susana, is doing awesome! She is still set to get baptized but giving up coffee is a hard one. She keeps saying that its what she grew up with in the D.R. so its hard to get rid of it, plus the rest of her family still drinks it. But we committed her to cutting her intake to half this last week and then when we see her tomorrow to drink none. I love her, she is one of my favorite people. 
-I had the idea that we need to start going through former investigators and seeing if any seeds had been planted and are ready to follow Christ and be baptized. It has been great, we have a few return appointments. God is a God of miracles and I know we will start teaching more! 
-I made two great meals this week, Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad and Russian Chicken in the crockpot! MY companion loved them. She said that the Lord put me with her to learn how to eat right! :)
-Zoraida made us some Puerto Rican food, beans and rice and chicken and it was good. Not a huge beans person but I'm up for new things. I'll take anything the people give me. 
-This week we had zone conference and stake conference. I made the commitment that I will pray and read my scriptures everyday even after my mission. They talked a lot about families as well and how important it is that we be doing this with our spouses and then children when they come. It will build a strong family with a sure foundation. I know this is true!

This mission has been so hard so far but so worth it because I am trying to change. I have found that it may be easy to give your might and strength to the Lord, but its the heart and mind that he truly wants. I am working on this, giving it all to Him because its hard but in the end, its easier and the only intelligent thing to do.

A few scriptures have stood out to me this week but I really like Mormon chapter 9. I challenge everyone to read this. It talks about miracles and that if you don't see any miracles happening in your life, its because you aren't trusting God. Believe. I also learned how it is good for us to have questions, and that this is not the same as having doubt. If you want to know the answer to a question you have to try to be closer to God, not turn away because you aren't sure about something. Read the scriptures and pray, answers will come. 

Alright, this email is long enough! Have a great week and look for opportunities to serve others and show them what you believe!

Sister Morgan

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