Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9th 2015


I am SO excited for Maddie to get her mission call!!!! That is awesome, I am so happy for her. :) I know she is going to be a fantastic missionary. Jenna's farewell is just around the corner! Mongolia is going to be one lucky country!

Just so everyone knows and doesn't have to wonder, I love getting letters. I really do, I won't object. :)

Wow, this week has been a roller coaster, it really has. The week started off on the wrong foot, but ended up on the right one so it is all good. The mission really is a struggle of faith and trust in the Lord. I am learning more and more everyday how to rely on the Lord. He is there, waiting for me to ask for help. I just need to be humble enough to ask. 

Guess what? I have my first baptism date with an investigator set!!!!! Its Susanna, my Dominican friend! She came to church yesterday so we are moving in the right direction. I really have faith that she will continue to keep commitments and be baptized at the end of the month! :D 

Wednesday was the best day ever. I went on exchanges with Sister Chadwick who is the best person ever. She is companions with Sister Sutton and is from Idaho Falls. She leaves next month so she's a seasoned veteran. Holy cow, she is amazing. I went to her area in south Tampa, which is along the bayshore. I learned so much from her and got great advice! I have recommitted myself to being as great of a missionary as her or at least get as close as I can! :) 

Have you heard of The Fourth Missionary? It is great, I am reading it now with my companion. Really makes me want to do my best. 

I am trying to teach myself Spanish. Let the laughs begin. It basically consists of me reading a pamphlet in Spanish and trying to pronounce it. Not easy. But I am already picking up some words from other peoples' conversations so that's cool!

Had my first authentic gyro greek-a-dilla. It was sooooooooo good. I guess I like lamb. Who knew?

One scripture that has really stood out to me is D&C 24:8-

Be patient in afflictionsfor thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, am with thee, even unto the end of thdays.

The mission isn't easy. But I am learning patience- which is something I really need to learn. I feel happy though because I am changing and becoming closer to God. It is a great feeling. God is with me, I know it. Everything I am doing is because I love God. Once you put him first, everything else falls into place. He loves all of us. 

I did service for Jessica, a less active who has gone through a ton but I love her. She wanted to get your phone number so she could call and thank you for having a great daughter. haha I cleaned her garage and wrapped and packed everything into bins. I love service. I love organizing. She was pretty amazed, it was funny. But it wasn't a big deal to me, I was thankful most for being able to wear jeans. I miss jeans. :( 

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great week. I forgot my camera cord so no pictures. I know that we need to have faith. And that our faith should lead us to action. It is true that we are saved by grace, but it is after we do ALL that we can do. Faith without works is dead. James 2:17. It is one thing to believe in something, but we need to act on what we believe. Don't leave people in the dark because you are too scared to talk to them about religion. We do not decide when people are ready to come unto Christ. We need to be open and let people know that we have faith, that we know why we are here, where we came from, and where we are going. If they ask you hard questions say "ask the missionaries!" and call the missionaries :) That is why we are here. I used to be scared of people asking me questions but now I love it. I get to share with them that God loves them and has a plan for them. Isn't that great? :) I'm rambling now.

I love everyone, hope you have a good week! Jesus Christ lives! And loves you!

Sister Morgan

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