Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th 2015

Dear family,

It is getting harder and harder for me to write a letter each week. I'm not sure why, I just never want to write anything! But I have some pictures and I'll give you a run-down of the week.

Monday- We went and got makeovers. Yes, makeovers. We had a specialized training for sisters last week and they told us to go get makeovers. We learned how to be more presentable, makeup and clothes and hair. Apparently we looked too frumpy or something...
A family in our ward invited us to do an Family Home Evening with them where we ended up going to one of their kid's band concerts at the high school. It was great, you know how much I love music so I just felt right at home. Reminded me of high school :)

Tuesday- We had a super bad thunder/lightning storm at night. We couldn't leave the apartment for a while. I still am terrified of thunder, but think lightning is fascinating. We have had a few storms this week. Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st.

Wednesday- Had a great lesson with one of our investigators. Its a part-member family and we are teaching the dad- Schribners is their last name. He is progressing slowly because he has medical problems but is still progressing none the less!!!

Thursday- We ended up doing some service for an old couple in our complex. The woman sounds like Adeline from Guys and Dolls, she is so cute. Their house was a mess so we basically just put garbage into bags. 
Had a great lesson with Wilfred, a recent convert. I felt the spirit and was able to open my mouth a lot and let the spirit tell him what he needed to hear. 

Friday- Not much happened. We had a scripture study class that night. The Barberenas came whom I just love. They are an awesome family. The picture of me in the Crossfire is Brother Barberenas car. :)

Don't remember Saturday.

Sunday- We almost got eaten by an alligator! Just kidding. But we were coming home at night riding the bike trail and we went under a bridge where the pathway is fenced in away from the river and we got halfway under it and there was an alligator trapped in on our path! It was super big maybe 3 feet but I slammed on my brakes and Sister Vanderhoff slammed into me! We were so scared and so was the alligator. It was ramming itself into the fence trying to get out and we were trying to untangle our bikes. We were way too close to it for comfort. It started moving towards us to defend itself and we got out of there fast! Crazy! Only in Florida...

Anyways that's all I have time for! Have a great week!


Sister Morgan

Bro. Barberena's car

 My sister missionary scripture :)
Comp selfie

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