Monday, May 11, 2015

Picture Week!

Dear family,

It was so great to talk to everyone yesterday! I am sorry the skype thing wasn't working and I am sad that I couldn't see dad, Trevor, and Kristin but I know they love me so its okay. :)

I am mostly going to send home pictures since we talked yesterday and I don't have much else to say. 
Some funny things from this week:
We don't have couches in our apartments or much of anything honestly. We were told at our training on Friday that President said we could spice up our apartments a little and give it a little color. So what did we get? Camp chairs. Yup. I got a blue one, Sister Vanderhoff a black one. Weeeee. They are also to take with us when we have mission parties which is like once a year. He is funny.

This year is the first year that I received flowers on Mother's Day. That was weird. Still not a mom but okay...I guess when you are a sister missionary you are officially old in the young men's eyes (they were the ones passing the flowers out). 

Personal miracle: I thought I lost my Young Woman medallion forever and that necklace is very precious to me. We came back to our apartment for dinner and I was only wearing the chain, the medallion wasn't there. I went to the bathroom, I shook out all of my clothes, nothing. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me find it because it is very special to me. We ate dinner and then started on the longest bike ride of my life to a members home really far north. It took like an hour and a half on bike in the hot Florida sun. Then we biked back before curfew. As I changed into my pj's that night it miraculously fell out! Miracle! It definitely should not have been able to stay in my clothes through all that biking. The Lord was looking out for me and knew that I was devastated. He answers prayers. 

Romans 3:15-16 was a scripture we talked about in district meeting last week. We talked about how we need to be hot- dedicated, diligent, and bold. I am trying to work on this. We can't be lukewarm to the gospel. We need to live it and constantly show God that we love him and are doing his work. 

I have been working on the attribute of humility this week- reading, studying, and praying for it. This is complete trust in God and his work. Knowing that everything we have comes from Him. It is a huge characteristic of Jesus Christ- he was very humble. The opposite of humility is pride. Pride tears us down-and our families. It is selfish-you focus on yourself and believe that you don't need God because you can handle everything yourself. This is not the way to be happy. I know that as we try to humble ourselves by relying on God more and trusting our lives in his hands we will be stronger and happier.

I love you all,

Sister Morgan

 Sister Vanderhoff and I

 A huge bug that we caught in our apartment...

We saw an alligator!!!

Picnic from last pday

There is a street called Afton! :)

 My MTC sisters!!! I love them! Sister Sutton and Sister Faalaulau!

Jessica taught us how to make our own laundry detergent! So cool!

The "colorful" camp chair!

 D&C 18:28- sharing the gospel with every creature...

I had to send a "Bradley" picture of me eating a giant grasshopper

That's all she wrote, folks! :)

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