Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Transfer Week


This was the longest week ever. But it was good. 

Mon- Our mission summer Christmas party!!!!! It was so fun, I got to play on the beach, eat good food, and talk with a lot of missionaries. It was so nice. 

Tues- We were tracting (which is all we do now) and we came across a man who was interested. He lives in Orlando so we won't teach him but we gave him a lesson on the Book of Mormon and he wanted to read it. It was a great experience. 

Wed- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Vanderhoff was awesome, she cooked me breakfast which was bacon. Yeah, she's great. We went into a Hispanic store called El Loco and got Mamitas (which are like otter pops/popsicles/creamy goodness. I had passion fruit, yum! For dessert, she made me cheesecake so yes, I am spoiled. We had a few appointments that day as well. A great birthday, I wasn't sick and I didn't have a choir concert (like I have had almost every year on my bday). 

Thurs- Tracted. Got a package from my parents (I love them!) 

Fri- We had a lesson with some recent convert's brother and his family. It went well, I am not the most comfortable still with teaching but its getting better. 

Sat- A painful day, no luck and my feet were pretty beat up so I had to wrap them. They are getting better.

Sun- Great Sabbath Day. Btw, if anyone can give me advice on how to prove that the Sabbath is on Sundays and not Saturdays, that would be good. An investigator wants to have biblical proof. 

I am going to send a ton of photos, so get ready! 

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth today and that Joseph Smith was a prophet who God called to restore it. If you need to know he was a prophet, pray about it and read the Book of Mormon! It is amazing! I read Mosiah 2 for the second time this week and it has great advice about how to find peace and joy, as well as how to make your family more united. I challenge everyone to read it. :)

Love you all, 
Sister Morgan

 We had exchanges over a week ago and Sister Sackley came to our area

Our mission summer Christmas party!!!

These are pictures from Zoraida's phone (a less active sister whom I teach and love). Take a look at the birthday cake she made for me!

Sister Zoraida

Mary and I, one of my (not going to lie) fav investigators

Beautiful Florida sky

Transfer week brings change. I am staying, but Sister Vanderhoff is getting transferred. She has been a wonderful trainer, companion and friend! 

Love you all, 
Sister Morgan

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