Monday, June 29, 2015

Interesting Week

Dear family,

This week has been good.

The highlight of this week was interviews with President. Honestly, I was a little nervous just because President Cusick is pretty intimidating and my last interview wasn't the best thing ever. Plus, my companion Sister Packer is a favorite of his (though she denies it) so she went then it was my turn. I just tried to be myself and ask a few questions (if you don't have questions he just ends the interview) and it was a good interview. He said that God is proud of me, that I am a beautiful daughter of God, and joked about the picture I sent in with my papers. We got talking about family and I got emotional ( I'm not homesick, don't worry, but I miss my family and that I can't be there to help out) and then I was also nervous. I know that man has the spirit and especially the spirit of discernment. But as I was sitting there he pulls out his phone and asks if my dads name is Bryan and I said yes and he starts calling dad! He didn't answer (President says he probably thinks he's a salesman) which is funny because dad is a salesman and gives it to me to leave a message. Then dad called back! President told me to go to the chapel and talk to him alone. I hope that was a great late Fathers Day for dad! I got to talk to him like 10 mins! I love you, Dad! Afterwards he pulled me back in and told me I was a good missionary. I guess he doesn't do that with many people.

Pretty good week- we set three baptism dates! That's more than my whole mission! Here they are:

Gabby- she is 13 and has a desire to come closer to God. She came to church on Sunday! 

Aaron and Erica- I love them, they are so funny. They are from Atlanta and the ward is getting involved with them so that's good. They aren't married and she is pregnant, but they just loved the Plan of Salvation! It makes so much sense. (If you don't know what that is, it is God's plan for the happiness of his children, see 

Dorita Wyman- She is an old lady who is from Spain, very Catholic, but promised her husband before he died that she would be baptized and sealed to him so we have been working on her.

I have a weird challenge for those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: read Handbook 2, Chapter 5 - Hastening the Work of Salvation. It is important for us as members to help the missionaries in their work by finding people for them to teach, but also to help those in your area or family to come to church and receive all the blessings from being a faithful member of God's church. Invite everyone to church events. 

I am so grateful for the gospel. It is hard being a missionary. Not going to sugar-coat it. I have had a difficult week but its been full of tender mercies from the Lord. I am not the most eloquent speaker, not the best teacher, but I am good at being relate-able, a real person. I like writing, and I truly care about others and their happiness. So, no, talking to strangers isn't my strong point, it is my companion's. But that's okay. I am just trying to get a little bit better at it everyday. I love Florida, it is super hot, but it is beautiful. Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Morgan

P.S. Sorry, still haven't taken any pictures....
P.P.S. Tampa is #1 Sweatiest City in the U.S.A. Fun fun! :)

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