Monday, June 1, 2015

Hurricane season starts today!

Dear family,

The header says it all.

We have had so many storms the past week. Yesterday for relief society/priesthood combined we just talked about getting emergency kits together. Luckily, I have one that will last me a few days that I've been accumulating. But I still am scared of thunder, and now I hear it almost every day :(

Sorry, I forgot my camera cord so no pics again!

I am excited because today we are having a summer Christmas party at the beach in St. Petersburg with all the missionaries from the whole mission! Should be fun if a storm doesn't come. Its called Fort Desoto beach, look it up because its on an island and is pretty surrounded by water, I am so lucky! :)


We trying to help a lady in our ward clean up her apartment a bit for inspections but...after an hour of cleaning one corner it didn't look like we did much. She is technically categorized as a hoarder. But I have found that I love cleaning and organizing so it was still fun. 

Just so you know, the handbook 2, Administering to the Church, basically answers any question you have. 

Brother Scribner is doing great, he has committed to being baptized but we are setting a date with him on Tuesday. He really just needs to come to church and stop drinking coffee. He feels the spirit though and is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Exciting!

I almost died. Not joking this time. We were crossing Hillsborough on our bikes when it was our turn and this huge like Ford truck was turning left and usually they slow down and wait for us (because we have the right away) and I was already crossing but no, it sped up!!!! By the grace of God, it barely missed me and it didn't even slow down when it saw that it almost killed a biker. It was scary. I saw my life flash before my eyes. Sister Vanderhoff saw my life flash before her eyes, luckily she was far enough behind me that it didn't almost hit her too. Sorry mom, I usually am safe but Tampa has crazy drivers. 

We had one of our sister training leaders come with us on Friday to our appointments. It was Sister Sackley, she came out with me from the MTC but was in the other district. It was good, I learned a lot from her, she's the one from Beaverton. My other stl is sister Tawzer, also from Beaverton but just grew up a little there. Trio's are hard though, we scared some potential investigators. 

That's about it! My birthday is in two days, the big 20! I will be in Florida my whole 20th year of life! :) 

Love you all, I know the Book of Mormon is true and if you don't then go read it. :)

Sister Morgan

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