Monday, July 20, 2015

No time!

Hello everyone,

Sorry I forgot to write a big email this week and I have no time! Some highlights:

Tomorrow is my 6 month mark!!!!!!!!

Transfers is this week, I am staying here with Sister Packer

Guess what?!?!?! I am singing at the Tampa Bay Ray's game this Friday!!!!!!! Its Mormon night and about 35 missionaries are singing the national anthem and I am one of them!!! So cool. Brad or Trevor- if you can find the game online or something then you can see me maybe!!!!

Our investigators Aaron and Erica are doing well, I love them. They just need to get married and then they can be baptized!!!! They are keeping their commitments and are growing closer to their Savior!!!! Its so wonderful to watch the changes in their lives. 

Sorry, not much else! Thank you everyone who emailed me this week, I really appreciate it. I love emails and letters! :) Have a great week! Want something to read in the Book of Mormon? Read Alma 22 or 36, both good chapters!


Sister Morgan

Looks like rain!

Sister Packer and I


Beautiful Sister Missionaries with Florida raindrops leaving their mark! :)

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