Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 473894789590580....

Dear family,

I wonder what week I am on? This week was fast and slow at the same time...all of them are that way now. I can't send any photos this week because we aren't at our usual spot for emailing. Not that there were many anyways...

I can't remember what happened this week except for my investigators, Aaron and Erica. They are so cute. On Thursday we had the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and it went great. We talked about faith and how it leads us to action- to change, repent. Then about baptism and the gift of the holy ghost. They are on track to be baptized which is fantastic. But they aren't married yet. Yesterday we had the eternal marriage and law of chastity lesson and it went great. It was at the Nunez's house which is a family in our ward that are really good friends to them and can relate to them. They want to get married as soon as they can. I am so excited for them. I am also nervous though because I know the adversary is going to work on them and try to make everything go wrong so they can't be baptized. Satan is the worst. Whenever you try to do something right, he gets mad and temps you even more. But don't fall for it!

Yesterday was awesome. We had three investigators at church! Aaron, Erica, and Dorita Wyman (the old Spanish lady who promised her husband before he died that she would get baptized). It was great! Hopefully they will come next week too. We had a day full of talks about taking the Sacrament and how important it is that we do so every week. It is like being baptized again every week. I love Sundays, even if it isn't a day of rest for missionaries. I made a list a few months ago of all the things we can so to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I encourage all of you to do the same. And then follow it. 

I am grateful to be out here in Florida. I know that what I am experiencing now is preparing me for the future. I know that there is a plan for each of us with blessings waiting at the end if we are faithful and do our part. A good talk from this last conference was The Gift of Grace by Elder Uchtdorf. I encourage you all to read it or watch it. Very good. Anyways, hope y'all have a great week.

Sister Morgan

P.S. I ate alligator the other week, forgot to mention it. It actually was good, tasted like chicken :)

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