Monday, September 14, 2015

St. Pete!

Hello family,

What an amazing week! 

We have an investigator named Peggy who is golden and is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! We have been meeting with her everyday and she is so amazing. Every lesson she understands and asks great questions and just wants to follow Christ. We taught the word of wisdom- she has smoked for 5 years and drank coffee for 45 years and she quit both cold turkey. She said when its hard, she just prays. It is so cool. She is the sweetest thing, in her 60s, and just so prepared. She was a referral from a member and the sisters taught her restoration and Book of Mormon before I came. I have never prayed for someone so hard in my life, we are really trying to teach her everything before her interviewtomorrow

St. Pete is a lot of walking. I walk everywhere so I am excited for it to cool down soon. Very humid. So many more drunk people though which is scary when we are walking home at night, but the Lord protects us. 

Sounds like the family reunion went well except everyone getting sick! I'd love to see some pictures. 

As far as I know, my family the Gerovacs are still getting baptized on the 27th. I hope to be able to attend. :) I got an email from Brooke saying she is engaged!! I am so excited for her! I also got a letter from Adina, I am blessed to have her as a good friend from back home. 

Hopefully the fires in WA and OR are going down...that's not good! The one summer I am gone it is hot there. hhaha figures. 

I love serving with Sister Vanderhoff again, we are going to be good friends for a long time. I am sad that I only have a month left with her. :( It will be hard to depart. This is a great area with potential. 

I am grateful to be here on my mission. I know that this church is true and because of this, I want to share it with others. Sometimes people look at us and think we are crazy- those crazy Mormon. So crazy- I mean they actually live what they believe? They try to be Christ-like by serving others, going to church, and being self-reliant? That's crazy. ;) I am grateful to live in a country with religious freedom. We are so lucky. We have so much. I have met people here that literally live from paycheck to paycheck (or food stamps to food stamps) and we will go in their home and they will offer us everything they have, feed us, give us things. It is humbling. There are a lot of things I need to change, and I am glad I have this opportunity. 

Well, this is long enough! :) 

Sister Morgan
 The "new" companionship pic on transfer day!

 A giant avacado!

The Tropicana stadium, home of the tampa bay rays. Fun fact: its actually located in St. Pete, not Tampa.

 Sister Vanderhoff and I got matching Tampa Bay Buccaneers pjs. They are wonderful. 

Our matching Tampa Bay Buccaneers pjs! Crazy! :)

Study time!

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