Monday, December 21, 2015

It's beginning to feel a lot like.... Summer!

Hello everyone!

It is not cold enough here to be Christmas!!!!! But it did cool down to 55 this week and I was FREEZING!!!! I don't know how I will last next winter at home...

Last Tuesday was our Mission Christmas Party! It was so much fun, we did a sand castle contest and my zone won!!!!! It was great to get down and dirty in the sand, I helped to mostly build the outer walls. We made Temple Square in Salt Lake City! I will attach a picture. Then that night we had a relief society activity where we made ornaments. It was pretty simple and fun.

On Wednesday we taught Young Women's which was great because I miss it! We taught about Individual Worth and Peggy helped us teach. I am so proud of her, she is so strong! 

We had quite a few lessons this week that were return appointments from the week before. I am happy because some of them truly have a desire to come closer to their Savior and find what has been missing in their life. I have seen many miracles this week. Here is one I wrote about in my weekly email to the mission president: 
Miracle: Last night we tried dropping by a referral for the fourth time, after calling at least three or four times. We prayed and felt we should go knock by her. Well, it turns out that she was home and let us in right away. She is the most prepared person I have met on my mission- she had already researched every aspect of our religion and we basically taught like 4 lessons in one. It was a miracle that we even tried her again. We are seeing her again tomorrow! 
So that was a cool experience. 

Alain is coming along, slowly but surely! We moved his baptism date to Jan 9th because we want him to understand the commitment he is making and understand everything. 

On Saturday, we had Night in Bethlehem up in Odessa, FL! It was so cool, we went with Taylor. There were shops that looked like Bethlehem and a live nativity. Pretty cool. If you want to see a pic of me from it go to, tap on pictures, then 2015. :)

Well, that's about it! I am going to send some pictures. Love you all and Merry Christmas! 


Sister Morgan
Before the Mission Christmas sand in the toes...yet!  
Dig the foot tan!

 Sister Judkins and Sister Morgan ready for the 
Mission Christmas Party!

Our sand castle!

 Love you mom and dad!

 The three amigos... my mtc sistas! Sisters Faalaulau and Sutton!

My name tag!

On the beach!


 Our little Christmas tree and presents!

Me so happy to get Mom's chocolates!!!!! Sorry I couldn't help, I will next year!!!

 Us and Taylor on our way to Night in Bethlehem

Night in Bethlehem

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