Monday, April 18, 2016

Mulberry, home of the...mosquitoes?

There are a lot of mosquitoes here, we are putting bug spray on like crazy!!!
Our relief society president is sending us a "Southern word of the day" and today's was: GRITS- Girls Raised In The South. haha Our ward, Highlands, has a lot of southern, country people and we love it! Ward council is fun and everyone seems to just tease and love each other here. People actually know their neighbors too! Which is funny because the houses are further apart than in St. Pete.
Sorry, I have no time today! I gave a talk yesterday in church about recognizing the Holy Ghost. I have a strong testimony of the Spirit. God has not left us alone, He has given us the comforter. I love John 14:16-18 which talks more about this. God has protected me many times on my mission by prompting me to maybe not knock on a door, or not go a certain way when walking. I need the Spirit as a missionary or I cannot teach. The Spirit testifies of truth. We must ask for the Spirit though, pray for it, and God will deliver. We need to act on promptings we receive. As we do so, God begins to trust us more and more. The Spirit will send clearer answers and we will have peace in knowing we are choosing the right decision.
I love you all, have a blessed week and you will hear from me next Monday!
Sister Morgan

Look at this sign!

Sister Faalaulau and I
Hermana Gibson and I

All of Sister Judkins companions. Sisters Sackley, Olsen, Sutton, her, Huber, and me!

This is how we really are....

This is what everyone thinks we are!

We are so close to legoland and disneyland and the temple! 
Only like 30 mins away!!!!!
I found Portland Ave :)
Beautiful Florida trees
Krispy Kreme!!!

We had the opportunity to go to Faith's (a recent convert) ROTC event. 
It was for state so it was huge!!!! 
It was a cool experience, I've never seen it before!

Individual competition for Faith

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