Monday, April 11, 2016


Wow, this week has been nuts. I was always told you are not a true missionary until A) You are emergency transferred and B) You white-wash an area. Well folks, this last week that is exactly what I did.
On Monday we got the transfer emails, saying we were safe in St. Pete. Tuesday around noon we got a call from the APs as we were coming out of a lesson. We were told that we were being emergency transferred to Lakeland. We were to go home immediately, pack our bags, and clean our apartment because we weren't being replaced. We cried. We didn't even know where to start packing. We didn't tell anyone we were leaving for a while, except the elders. So all day Tuesday we packed since we had to leave early the next morning. Our ward mission leader wanted to take us to dinner so we ate at El Cap, a hamburger joint. The hardest part was telling Peggy. We knew we had to see her though. It was sad, I cried like a baby, but I know I'll see her again! Our ward loves us so much, we had members driving to our place to say goodbye as we started telling people. I will miss them. We cleaned our apartment the next morning and headed off to the mission office.
When we got there, we had to wait while the trainers were in a meeting. Then President Cusick took us to his office and told us why we were white-washing Highlands (that means that the two missionaries before us are transferred out and two new missionaries are coming into the new area, not knowing anything basically). He said that this ward needs to liven up, that we are the two to do it. They haven't had sisters in over a year and are excited to have some. Our job is to jump in with both feet and get the ward excited to do missionary work. Challenge accepted.
As we drove to Lakeland, it was becoming more and more apparent that it was going to be the opposite of St. Pete. It was all city, but Lakeland is all country. We had to wait 20 mins for a train to cross. I love it here though, its beautiful and green like Oregon! Lots of green pastures, open fields. Definitely not a biking area. We tried yesterday and it didn't work. It is very hill-y here, which is funny because I though Florida was flat. But the hill by our church building (which is new and the stake center) is the third highest point in Florida. Crazy. We do NOT want to bike up or down it. Our area has two sides I've found. One is hick, trailer in the back woods, and the other is farming country with horses and beautiful homes- it looks like that one road we take on the way to the beach that is windy and pretty with hidden mansions.
The members are awesome. Ward council is on top of things. We visited a few members before Sunday and they all loved the ideas we have and immediately put them to action. Its a family ward! My last ward had like 5 active YW and 7 or 8 primary kids. This ward has 20 active YW and like 30 primary kids. So fun! We bore our testimonies yesterday and the bishop asked us to give talks next Sunday. Fun fact: I haven't had to given a talk my whole mission, so I guess my time has finally come. Joy.
Our apartment was gross when we got here- only elders have lived here so nothing was clean. We spent Wednesday cleaning it- not sure they have ever really mopped! We went looking for a grocery store and sadly there is no Aldi's, we have to go to Walmart or Publix, both expensive. Oh well.
We got a referral way down in Ft. Meade, so we drove down there the same day we went to Bartow. Yes, our area covers multiple cities that are all spread out. Many small towns. But I am excited to take my parents back here after the mission, its gorgeous!
Anyways, not too much more to say yet. Just trying to get to know the area without a functioning GPS. I am actually really excited to be here. I miss my St. Pete people and the investigators we were teaching (we had five dates set with people to be baptized) but this new area will be great too. I really want to focus on member-missionary work here because everyone we teach is going to come from them. Its a good challenge for my last 3 transfers.
Anyways, love you all! I sent a lot of pictures and videos this week so I hope they work! Feel free to write to me!

My new address is:
5921 Tropher Trail
Mulberry, FL 33860

Sister Morgan
Sister J and I when we thought we were staying in St. Pete...

Sister Arick

Deyeneira and Justin Masse (my ward mission leader)

Peggy! We are both crying pretty hard.

I am sending these first two for mom.
Jimmy Johns!

People here have the little recycling bins,
 reminds me of our blue one growing up!

Just some misc of our new area.
Our complex is through the trees.

A hick trailer out in the back woods

Local airplane show

Airplane show-loops!

Tree covered in spanish moss

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