Monday, April 4, 2016

Come Listen to A Prophet's Voice


Wow, what a great week! 

- General Conference!!!!!!! Twice a year we have a special event that we get to hear from our prophet on the Earth today and the Twelve Apostles! If you missed this, it's at! It's like Christmas to me. I prepare before by praying and writing down questions and guess what? Heavenly Father answers them!!!! It is especially exciting as a missionary to watch this twice a year because I am set apart to do the Lord's work and this provides a huge opportunity for me to receive revelation on how I can further His work! Seriously, if you didn't watch it, go watch it. 

My least favorite question to get after conference is "what was your favorite talk?" because I have soooo many! If I could pick a theme for this conference it would be temple and family history work, and forgiveness. I really liked the talk that spoke about getting to work, and not delaying. I think it was on Saturday. That the Holy Ghost is with us, so we need not wait on every decision to receive a confirmation to act. We need to act. I also like what President Monson said that we need to choose the harder yes, over the easier no. This world is getting more and more scary, we need to have a strong foundation and choose God over the world. 

I also enjoyed the talk about the refugees. I feel that I need to help in some way with that when I get home. It is our duty as those who have been baptized to lift one another's burdens and do what Jesus Christ would do (Mosiah 18:8-10). 

I also thought it was cool how almost every single talk given, mentioned a hymn! Hymns are so important, a 'song of the heart is a prayer unto Thee', right? I love music, I think its a language of God! It is important to learn the hymns and really ponder on the words. I need to do this. 

-MLC. As a sister training leader, I go to missionary leadership council now. I am excited to be able to help the missionaries in my mission to change, be more obedient, and know they are loved. It's a lot more responsibility now, and I have to speak in front of people more (not a huge fan) but I know this is God helping to prepare me for my future, I need to be more confident in group settings. 

- I am very sad because the Smiths are leaving, my favorite couple missionaries. :( Going back to Rigby, Idaho. At least I know I will see them again when I go back to school. I love them and miss them already. :(

Well, I think that's it! We have some investigators we are teaching right now that are solid, but slow. Otherwise we've been inviting people to be baptized almost everyday but not too much success.

Love you all, 
Sister Morgan

 Random fun pics!  

Sister Myers :)

 Last district meeting with the Smiths :(

District Meeting

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