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Since I know my mom is dying to know.... I stayed in Mulberry! Sister Judkins got transferred which is sad, a hard change, we were together for 7 months! But we also both saw it coming, can't be companions forever! Everyone can write me now too, address is the same. 

My new companion is.... Sister Nasman!!!!! (pronounced nase-men) and she is from Nampa, Idaho- right outside of Boise. She has been out 3 months-just finished her training- but has been tossed around to 4 areas already and has only been in trios. So hopefully I am not going to bore her! ;)

This week has been so busy. We found out about transfers and cried, Wed was transfers, Friday was Gladys Knight, and Sat was Ryleigh's baptism! Yikes!

Gladys Knight and the choir she directs, Saints Unified Voices, came to the Tampa area on Friday. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for this area. We got to Brandon at 11am and did what is called a blitz. Basically, all the missionaries are assigned an area far from the stake center to go tract and invite everyone to come to the event. Not sure if anyone we talked to came, but that's okay! We tracted until 4pm and it was hot. But we were excited for what lay ahead! And it was exciting!!!!!! It was loud, and definitely a PRAISE THE LORD devotional. We were clapping, saying "amen!", and the like. It was so fun and everyone enjoyed it. The focus is missionary work- to get people in our building and see that we are Christians. Gladys shared her testimony and I just can't describe in words how amazing it was. Our investigator, Angel, was blown away. He is a huge fan of her. I was blown away too. I want to listen to their CD when I get back! 

Ryleigh and Miranda were baptized on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, everything worked out. When their grandpa asked her if she wanted anyone else to join in on the confirmation she said "Sister Morgan" haha but was quickly told no! I love them. They were sad Sister Judkins wasn't able to be there but she was there in spirit. I am so happy for this cute family and that we were able to teach them both. Ryleigh is 9, so she was a convert baptism, and Miranda is 8. 

Yesterday was Young Women in Excellence, they do it here at the end of the school year. We were asked to share how Personal Progress has helped us to become missionaries and add "sunshine" to our lives. I miss YW's. I love serving in this ward and being around so many youth. They are awesome. 

Spiritual thought of the week-  

Opposition is a part of mortality. We came here to be tested. Yesterday at church there were some talks given on this. What stood out to me was that no matter what trial we go through, no matter how bad it is, it is nothing compared to the suffering Jesus Christ did for us. He was faced with every sin. We have so much more help in our trials. Heavenly Father will never leave us. Our trials are personalized to us- what we need at that moment to stretch and grow and reach our potential. Sometimes we don't see the faith we have until after we are being tried for our faith. Don't give up- know that God won't give you anything you can't handle. Look forward with hope and try to see the eternal perspective. 

Sister Morgan

PS. I met Bro. Jorgensen's daughter at Gladys Knight- Mary Perello? 

Yes mom, I got my haircut and its super short now! But I like it.
Above - before / Below - after
(Love the tan line on the feet! :-)  --Mom)
Its above my shoulders!

Our last week as companions...
Sister Judkins and I and our street sign in Mulberry!

Smith family- Ryleigh, Caden, Miranda
Being silly!

Sis Judkins and I on the way to transfers...

Ryleigh and Miranda's baptism with Sister Nasmen and I

Miranda and Ryleigh after their baptism

Highland Ward Young Women in Excellence

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