Monday, May 30, 2016

"You're all up in the koolaid and don't know the flavor"

Dear family and friends,

Happy Memorial Day! Quote from a recent convert who is 10. :)

Guess what this week is? My birthday!!!! And I am going to be so old. I can't believe I've been in Florida since I was 19 and I'm turning 21. Crazy. 

Not sure what happened this week. Oh yes, we are out of miles this whole week so we biked like crazy and did a lot of tracting. I think multiple days we biked like 15 miles. I am glad that I exercise everyday. 

Someone we are teaching, Angel, went to the Gladys Knight concert. We finally got his gift bag and biked it over to him. We taught the restoration outside to him and he felt the spirit. He said he felt something different at the fireside and that God was telling him to join her choir. One problem-you have a to be member! So we are going to keep teaching him!!!! 

There was a book mentioned in Relief Society on Sunday titled "Not withstanding my weakness" by Neil A Maxwell. It said something along the lines of, "if you are proceeding, you are succeeding." I thought that was very profound. The Gospel isn't about perfection, its about trying. As long as you are progressing, you aren't failing. Its when we become complacent, and don't want to change that we are "spiritually damning" ourselves. We are here on Earth to experience life and its challenges. They shape us into who we are. When we do the right thing, we become more like Heavenly Father. I know there are times that I want to say "Heavenly Father, could you give me a break?" But he won't, because he doesn't give up on us. He loves us and can see our potential. So if it seems like he is pushing you a little over the edge, take a deep breath, pray, and ask him to help you through your trial. Thank him for the trial. Tell yourself "this is for my personal growth and development." I can promise that he doesn't give us anything too hard for us to handle. Look forward with faith, not backwards with doubt. 

Anyways, love you all. Thanks for the support and the prayers. Have a great week!
Sister Morgan
 Pink cactus

 Biking selfie

Sis Nasman

A weird tree fruit from Turkey....

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