Monday, June 20, 2016

Fun in the Sun!

Howdy Folks!

We had a busy week and it was wonderful. I love busy weeks!

On Monday we had the mission beach party!! It was held at Bradenton beach this year. It was cool because we passed some places that I remember going to when visiting my Aunt Margaret in Anna Maria island growing up. Mostly restaurants :) It was beautiful! I'll send some pictures. 

Tuesday night we had a RS activity where we brought a pair of shoes and told everyone an experience in them. Well, I've become a crier in the past month of the mission- probably because its getting closer to the end so I pore out my soul more) and told them about my missionary shoes. How much walking and biking I've done in them, how much sweat and tears and hard work I've done with them. I bore my testimony on how important this work is, and how many lives I've seen changed through the gospel. There wasn't a single dry eye in the room. ;)

We've been teaching Sammy this week and she is great. We are behind schedule with lessons but we are still pushing for July 2nd. We also have two dates- one with a referral, and the other with an 8 year old. So excited! 

President told me at the beach party that I would have a departing interview with him since I was sad that he leaves right before me. So we drove up Friday morning to Tampa and I met with him. I don't feel like it's the end of my mission but I guess its getting there. Tomorrow is my 17 month mark. Crazy. I will miss him!

Saturday was awesome. We had Juneteenth all day: African American slave freedom celebration. Us missionaries were the only white people there. We set up a booth with pamphlets and Books of Mormon and Bibles and the family history people came and set theirs up with ours. It was fun. Loud music though, and a few crazy preachers but besides that, it was a great way to put the face of the church out there. Its funny to think that some people don't know that our church has a ton of African Americans in it. It's the church of Jesus Christ, not the church of white people- everyone is very welcome! 

Anyways, this next week is transfers. It's a week early because President Cusick is leaving and they want it sorted out before President Cooper comes in. I think we are both staying but only God knows. 

Spiritual thought: What is true greatness? Is it being beautiful, skinny, rich, have lots of toys? No. Its having a good attitude, showing your faith, and serving others. In God's eyes, we are truly great when we care for those around us and do the small things. Look outside yourself. Go open the door for someone elderly, let someone go in front of you in the grocery line, don't have road rage. It's small things that add up to something great. (Read 1 Nephi 16:29) 

Love you all, we'll see if I'm still in Lakeland next week. 

Sister Morgan
Get ready for pictures! 
Papaya tree and pineapple plant!

 An orange tree 

 Our booth at Juneteenth

A "black people fish fry!" 

 Bradenton Beach...beautiful Carribean waves!
 White sand of Bradenton Beach (Near Anna Maria Island and Aunt Margaret's)
 Reunion with Sister Judkins!
 Sister Stefanie Cusick, me, President Mark Cusick 
 Sister Morgan selfie at the beach!

Random group!
 Look familiar? 

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