Monday, June 6, 2016

How old am I?

Hello everyone!

I am officially old enough to drink. So I drank some.....water all day!

The beginning of this week was super tough, not going to lie. We were out tracting and biking and in the hot sun, having hardly any success. I tried keeping a positive attitude about it and kept praying for Heavenly Father to lead us to the person who wants to be taught by us and be baptized. It was a struggle. But, on Wed or Thurs we changed things around! We decided no more tracting unless it is around a member's home! This has pushed us to see more members and ask for referrals. This is, after all, their work, we are just helping! We told God that we were going to really plan everyday out- so well that He will know exactly where we are and place people in our path. I have felt my faith grow as this has happened. I look forward to next week because we have great plans! 

Miracle of the week: Last week we got a call from someone who is a member, saying that his wife wants to be baptized! We couldn't go over right away because they live in Bartow and we had no miles. We went over on Saturday and had the most amazing lesson! Her name is Samantha and she has lots of questions. She had been asking David, her hubby, for a while now about the church and he finally said she should call the missionaries. When we got there we talked for a while, answering questions, and she told us she was thinking of converting. We shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. She cried at the end, saying that she felt tingling all over during the first vision and that she knew from that feeling that this church is true. She has a date to be baptized in July and we are so excited! She is amazing! 

My birthday was an okay day. It was rough in the morning but the best part was going to dinner with the Nelsons at Catfish Country! Its this southern place that has all sorts of food - hush puppies, gator, coleslaw, fish, frog legs, you name it! We got an appetizer of fried gator tail, which I have had before, and it was pretty good! Tastes like chicken. :) Then I had a crab-stuffed flounder and other stuff. Pretty good. But the best part was that the Nelsons were able to come, I love them!!!!!!!! Sister Nelson has been such a strength to me. She even got me a gift which was so sweet. I'll try to send pictures. 

Yesterday we had a lesson in Relief Society based on Elder Hollands talk from the past General Conference. I can testify that the leaders of our church love us so much! They can see how much God loves us and they feel the same. We are not perfect. Imperfect people are all God has ever had to deal with! But we get credit for trying. So don't give up, its all part of the plan to grow and change while we are here. 

Anyways, I love you all! Have a good week! Tropical Storm Colin is suppose to hit us today, should be fun!

Sister Morgan

 A nice one and a funny one of Sister Nasman and I 

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