Monday, June 27, 2016

Trio Lifeeeeeeeeeee


So it may look like I got transferred, but I didn't. We got the email Monday night saying we were both staying. Tuesday we get a call from the AP's saying we are receiving. So this transfer I am in a trio!!!!!! Sister Conrad joined us and she's awesome! Its been a lot of fun and we've been busy busy busy because the elders in our area were transferred so we absorbed their area book as well. But do not send mail to my address, because we ended up moving on Saturday to the elder's old apartment.

 My new address is: 4425 Jamie Court #105 Lakeland, FL 33813

What else is new? I have 11 people set to be baptized, the most at one time on my mission! I am so excited to be teaching all these people and seeing their lives change. Sammy is set to be baptized on Saturday. :)

Some thoughts from church:
We had the topic of forgiveness again, I guess we all need it again! 
-Keep a journal and write in it at the end of each day, atleast one way you've seen the hand of the Lord in your life that day. 
-"Heavenly Father will not give us more than He can help us handle."
-You need to decide beforehand how you will react when something really hard happens.
-An idea to let go of forgiveness is this: Pick a date on the calendar and say "after this day, I am letting it go." It works!
-We are not defined by the worst thing we've ever done. 
-The teacher told this story. Once there was a man who picked up a rock for every time someone made him angry and put it in his pocket. His pockets got so full, he started piling the rocks in his house. Soon his house was full of rocks. When hearing of this man, a local school decided to take a field trip to his house to look at all the different rocks. Someone asked why he had so many and he told them why. A child suggested that he should count all the times someone said something nice to him or he did to someone else. The man hadn't thought of that before. He decided instead of picking up rocks, he would plant flowers in his back yard instead. He became a great gardener and a happy one too. 
I liked this story, I may have left some things out but the overall picture is there. Don't harbor rocks, plant flowers instead. 

I love you all and wish for everyone to look for the good, not the bad. 

Sister Morgan

Sister Conrad, Nasman, and I

Sammy, our investigator being baptized on Saturday

Katalina and our date set, Marissa

 We made 7 layer bean dip!

Sister Conrad

Boots, the apartment cat
Goodbye apartment!

Alice, our neighbor, and our trio

Aren't I so cute? Sister Conrad drew this of me!

Random trailers next to the highway

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