Monday, June 13, 2016


Sorry, I have no time today! 

Going to the beach for a mission gathering, Bradenton beach! Will be fun! 

Sammy has her date set, her husband is a member and they called us saying she wants to take the lessons! This past week we've taught a few times and yesterday she came to church! I love her, she is progressing well and looking forward to her baptism!!!! 

I survived last week's storm, it wasn't that bad actually where I was at. Some flooding and wind and extra rain but not bad. Overall we weren't affected as much as the coastal areas. We stayed in on Monday and didn't go out until Tues afternoon when the flooding was done. So we are fine!  This summer should be full of storms though! I hope my video works because I almost got hit by lightning! (Not really). 

My spiritual thought for the week: Do it because you love God.
Yesterday our lesson was on tithing in particular. In our church no one gets paid, not the bishop or prophet or teachers. All volunteer. But we live the commandment of tithing because we give back to the Lord a piece of what He has already given us. The money goes to maintaining churches and building temples and missionary work and family history research. In Malachi 3:5-12 it talks about tithing. God says to prove him- if we pay tithes faithfully, he WILL bless us, but we have to have faith. He may not bless us financially, but he will with protection and strength. But the main reason we need to pay tithing is because we love Him. Not because He loves us, or because we know we should, but because we know He is the one who gave us everything in the first place and we want to show Him that we put Him above everything else. Its the same way with other commandments- prayer, reading scriptures, word of wisdom- we do it because we love Him and know that He will always be there for us when we are there for Him. 

Sorry its short! Hope you have a good week, pictures to come next week!

Sister Morgan
 Flooding from tropical storm Colin, June 6th 2016

  Catfish Country is where we ate on my birthday with the Nelsons. 

  From my birthday luncheon! Eating green onion appetizers......

....and fried gator! 

 Sister Nasman and I ... ready for cheesecake anyone?

Sister Nelson with us outside Catfish Country



Krispy Kreme!

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