Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!


Wow, where has the time gone? I was talking about emailing home but I guess it also goes for my whole mission! 

Changes, changes, changes.

So on Monday we all went to the park and tried to find alligators but ended up teaching a lady on the trail instead. When we got back to the car, we saw that President Cusick had called us. Sorry President, but that's never a good sign. We called him back and he said that Sister Conrad was needed in Seminole. She left 3 hours later! I cried super hard. I miss that Sister! But that's where the Lord needs her right now. So I had trio life for 5 days, people! It was the best five days ever. We worked super hard and had fun. 

The next day I woke up sick. We went to the gym and I tried exercising but had to stop. We only went to appts scheduled already for the day and cancelled some. The next day was the same but got better throughout the day. So the week slowed down for us but will pick up again!

Shout out to the Andersons, they surprised me! I thought someone was breaking in and it took me a moment to register who they were but then it hit me! I am so happy and feel blessed to have had them think of me and stop by! Love you guys!

On Thursday we had a conference with the new mission President and his wife, the Coopers. They are adorable and loving towards each other and us! I am glad to have them even for a short amount of time. 

On Saturday Sammy got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Spirit was so strong. Sister Nasman played the Cello and I played the piano. She was so prepared, we weren't even worried. It was a beautiful day and she is so happy. 

This morning we had a ward breakfast for the 4th of July. Bacon is the best!

Spiritual thought:

"The gospel is true, it's now my job to be true to the gospel." 


We are all children of God. 

Sister Morgan
 Peterson Park - Lakeland
Pday in Lakeland

 P-Day at Peterson Park, looking for alligators! Too cloudy so didn't see any

 When I was sick

First time trying real Sushi....raw fish and all!

 Sammy's baptism!!!

Sonny's bbq to celebrate Sammy's baptism!

 My mission bike that I need to sell ... hopefully before I come home! :)

Zone development day from May

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