Monday, April 13, 2015

April Showers Bring....HEAT!

Dear Family and Friends,

What a week.

I have two pictures attached to this email from my bishop's wife. We did a Parkinson's disease awareness walk on the USF campus on Saturday. It was a blast! A member from our ward has it and put it together. Good turnout. 

Guess what?!?!?!? I have TWO baptism dates set! Mary and Silvio Polanco. Mary is the daughter of Grace Storie, the woman who had cancer and passed away. We have been visiting them a lot and they are so ready to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized! God has been preparing them for a long time. May 17th, so I have my fingers crossed that I am not transferred at the end of the month! They are awesome, keep them in your prayers!

We had a ton of crazy changes this week. We are doing daily planning in the morning, instead of at night which is so much better. We are also allowed to tract now! Doors, here I come (yikes!). And we are not doing member drop-bys anymore. On Tuesday I had my first experience of biking in Florida rain-downpours. They come fast and last like 10 mins but a lot of water comes down. Its fun.

I had interviews with the president on Wed. I was so nervous but it wasn't bad. He just has a dry sense of humor that I am trying to figure out. He said I need to have better posture (tell me something I don't know) and that I am too hard on myself (also tell me something I don't know). But I know I have a lot of potential, and that I am here to bring many people back to God. He also said to smile more which I thought funny. When I had interviews with my bishop and stake pres before going they said I needed to go on a mission because I can't stop smiling! Needless to say, the mission president made me nervous. ha ha. 

Had quite a few lessons this week so that was good. One  was with this guy who asked about Mitt Romney and accused us of wearing special white pajamas..... people need to get their facts straight! , people! 

Found out there is no place in our area we can't bike to, Friday was killer. We biked all day and I am surprised I was able to get up the next day. We had to drop Susana :( She isn't progressing and won't quit coffee. So sad. 

I've come pretty close to being hit my a car on my bike like 10 times now. Tampa is #1 in U.S. for bike accidents...just something to make you sleep better at night mom. :) 

My companion probably thinks I'm crazy. I sing home every night on my bike. Just hymns that come to my head. Music is the best, always makes me feel better. It you are stressed, listen to a hymn. :) Nearer My God to Thee is one of my favorites. 

I challenge everyone who is a member to read their patriarchal blessing this week. If you are not a member, read Matthew 25:14-30 on the parable of the talents. We all have unique gifts and talents given to us from God, find out what those are and work on them.

Love you all,

Sister Morgan

Pictures from the walk!

And a few more random pictures! :)

 Super good food truck. Best pulled-pork sandwich I have ever had!

  There are so many Morgan things here, its crazy! But I finally got a picture by one.

Pic with Mirka, Susana's mom who is leaving now for work then the Dominican Republic. Couldn't understand a word she said but loved her all the same. Good Dominican food too. :)

  My package finally came from mom for Easter. Had to have physical evidence. 

 I found Samoan girl scout cookie ice cream. SO GOOD!!!!!
 A beautiful Florida flower a girl in my ward gave me. I was trying to be artsy with my PMG. 

There you have it! :) 

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