Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfer Week

I didn't get transferred!!!!! Yay! And neither did Sister Vanderhoff, we were both so scared. She only has two more transfers I think and she's done with her mission. Crazy. I love it in Tampa 4 and don't want to leave.

Plus, Mary and Silvio are still progressing towards baptism on May 17th!!!!! This week we had the most powerful lesson with them, three members present too. The spirit was so strong, I didn't want to leave! They committed to living the word of wisdom before we even officially taught it! Mary went from 5 or 6 cups of coffee a day to only taking a little sip. It was awesome. Silvio is from Dominican Republic, if you can't remember, and he made the best beef empanadas and guava empanadas. Yum!

It has been so hot and humid here lately and its going to get worse. I have found that the heat makes you extra tired too! Oh well, at least I don't have to ever wear a jacket. But it is a strange feeling to walk into your apartment and have it feel like a freezer compared to being outside. 

Last Monday I thought I was going to (okay, not really) but we had tornado warnings! There aren't tornadoes in Florida so it was weird. Super windy and just poured. Luckily, it was p-day so we didn't have to be anywhere until night time. It passed, Florida just likes to pour hard for a little bit then clear up.

I got to go blueberry picking with some people in my ward. We got a whole bag of fresh blueberries and they are so good! I eat them plain, smoothies, pancakes, anything. So good, made me miss picking berries in Oregon.

The mission has helped me so much in preparing me for the future. I have learned so much about raising kids in the gospel. My desire to be a great wife and mother has grown. I know now how I need to gain a stronger testimony and be that example for my family. I have also learned many things not to do as a parent as well, but hey, there is always good with the bad. 

I think I want a small Toyota pickup when I come back. I miss the red truck. :(  Plus I have decided to become a bikeaholic and I want a truck that I can just stick a bike in the back and be good. I miss the 4-runner too, but it eats too much gas. :) 

Bugs are gross. Its bad when you don't know if its raining or if bugs are just hitting you. Riding bikes and walking more means more bugs. That's the biggest downfall Florida has. 

Can't think of much else. Its hard being a missionary but I am learning what God wants me to. I have been reading Moroni 10 this week again and I challenge everyone to read it, paying special attention to what Moroni is "exhorting" you to do. Apply it to your lives. I am grateful for the gospel and the person I am because of it. I know that prayer and studying the scriptures everyday makes a huge difference in our happiness and our attitudes each day. Peace comes when we open the scriptures, even if it is only a few minutes. Rewrite the priorities in your life- God should come first. He needs to come first to find true happiness, true joy in this life. I love you all, stay safe.

Sister Morgan

 Sister Chadwick and I, so sad she left today

 Pretty sunset

 Sister Vanderhoff and I

 Foggy window...that's how humid it is in Florida!

 Made Mexican enchiladas with a lady in our ward. She grew up in New Mexico and Texas. You stack the tortillas instead of rolling them. Was yummy! 

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