Monday, April 6, 2015

Note to MOM

Hey Mom,

I am jealous that you got to be with the girls! I miss them so much.
I think that Trevor and Kristin moving to Twin Falls is a great idea, they will love it there!!

YAYYYYYYY I was really hoping that you would send a package, I wish I could be home for Easter this is the first year I'm missing it. We finally got invited over for Easter so I hope the food is good but idk what we will be eating its kind of a crazy family. We will see. 

I miss Mia's good food!

I am excited for General Conference!!!!! Women's broadcast was great!
I have the same companion, I still have training until next transfer
I am doing alright, there are days that I feel great and that I am making a difference and then there are days that I can't believe I have a year and a half left. But I'm still here cuz its where I should be. 

Could you send me some recipes please? That take 30 mins or less to cook? I am dying because I don't have any ideas of food to cook. Thanks!

Love, Sister Morgan

The only hill in Florida!

Me being art-sy...

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