Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17th ...

Dear family,

Let's see...

Monday- We had a great day. It was zone development day so we went up to the stake center and basically played games and built trust within the zone. We played ultimate Frisbee but it was SO hot and humid that we could only play like 30 mins. before having to go into AC... We also played Book of Mormon charades which was fun. We acted out a story and then they had to guess the chapter it was from. We also got to watch The Saratov Approach!!!!!!!! It was so good!!!! I think I was one of the only ones that hadn't seen it yet. Mom-don't watch it or you might make me come home. haha 

Tuesday- Walked. Tracted. Walked some more. Taught a lesson. Biked. Had another lesson. Basically my day. 

Wednesday- Taught Dennis a lesson. He is coming along great, wants to be baptized in September! He has been coming to church and knows that the church is true. It has been a slow process (been teaching him since March) but everyone goes at their own pace. He's been keeping his commitments. 

I love Tampa 4th ward. It is the best. I don't ever want to leave (knock on wood) and I just love the bishop and my ward mission leader and just all the families. :)

Thursday- was crazy. I got SOAKED. We were biking along, minding our own business, when a huge thunder cloud came out of nowhere and soaked us on our bikes. We tried to take cover but leaning up against someone's garage with our umbrellas but the lady who lived there kicked us away. We were walking through rivers on the roads halfway to our knees! It was scary with the lightning being very close and cold and wet. We had an appt. right afterwards too that we had to go to. There weren't any stores around for us to run to so we found a house with a nice big covered porch, knocked on the door, and asked them if we could stand under it. It was embarrassing but safer. The things I do for the Lord... :)

Friday- We tracted, had a little

bit of success. Had a lesson with Chris again, not sure if I've said anything about him, he is the father in a family we found. They are all on vacation except him so we haven't been bringing members over with us and teaching because he has no religious background. It has been cool to see him starting to gain faith in God and Jesus Christ by reading the Book of Mormon. He even came to church yesterday and stayed the whole time! :)

Saturday- We taught an investigator, Anneliese, the Plan of Salvation. I am grateful to know that God has a plan for us and that we can return to live with him through Jesus Christ. It was stormy that night so we came in a little early and wrote out some lesson plans. 

Sunday- Happy Anniversary, Brad and Jessica! I had a great day at church, my favorite time of the week, and then tracted and had a dinner at someone's home! Stroganoff, yum! :) I am grateful to be on a mission here in Tampa. I know it is where I am suppose to be. Everything else can wait while I serve the Lord for 18 months. 

Love you all,

Sister Morgan

 Bathroom selfie... didn't take any pics this week.

 A door we knocked on...thought it was weird so I took a pic. Those are dried leaves stringed across the front.

We had a zone development day. Us 4 wore our shirts from the Ray's game :)

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