Monday, August 10, 2015



This week was pretty good! Some random things:

On Monday Tampa flooded. Luckily, not my apartment but basically all of Town N Country was under water so that was fun. It was p-day so we just didn't go anywhere and that evening we went store contacting at the mall!

We set 3 baptism dates this week! It was because we were obedient to Preach My Gospel, asking people to be baptized first lesson and setting a date no later than the second lesson. We are really working hard and trying our best everyday. We made a goal of knocking on 40 doors a day! Its been harder with the sun coming out again and making everything feel like a sauna, but the Lord sees our efforts. 

Shout out to Adina, Brad and my mom for sending me letters this week!!!! Its like Christmas when I get those :)

We were attacked a few times this week with some pretty awful comments from people. One black guy told us that God is black and doesn't love us because we are white and that we put them in slavery... it just wasn't very nice and shook Sister Packer up quite a bit. Stuff like that doesn't bother me because I know God loves everyone no matter what race or gender. And because I know some people are just very misinformed... Oh well. We aren't the judge, thank goodness!

One day we walked 7 miles. My feet hurt.

We have been offering a lot of prayers with people lately. Everyone is going through something. I must say that I hate it when people say "no, everything is going good right now, I don't need anything" when we ask to pray with them. Um HELLO, you need to pray BECAUSE everything is going good! Say a prayer of thanks! I compare this with a parent and a child. What parent wants a child just always asking for things all the time- they only come to you for money. Wouldn't it make a parent so happy if a child came up just to say thank you? Thanks for being a good mom or dad? Our Heavenly Father is the same way. He wants his children to come to him for help but also to say thank you for helping me. Just some thoughts.

We have had some great lessons this week and hope to have even more next week. 

That is about it. A lot of tracting- saying prayers with people, some lessons scattered here and there. Today we have a zone development day which should be fun! I love Tampa 4th ward, it is the best. The people here are amazing! I love my bishop, and my ward mission leader is finally coming back after being gone all summer! 

Sorry, no pictures this week but one! This is us with Aaron and Erica!!!! She is due next month. 

Sister Morgan

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