Monday, November 23, 2015

10 Months!

Dear family and friends,

I am so old. Do you see that title? Yep. I have been out 10 months! Sister Vanderhoff was out 10 months when she trained me. She was so full of wisdom and experience...I feel like I just got here! Oh well. I am learning how to be a better missionary everyday. The cool thing about a mission is that you can change almost anything that you don't like about yourself - any weaknesses you have can be strengthened through the Lord. Of course, this will still take a lifetime but at least I get a head start! :)

What a wonderful week. I have the best companion ever and I found out yesterday that we get to stay together in St. Pete for another transfer! Yay!!! We have a few investigators that are progressing so we are excited about this. Plus the holidays. We are going to have a lot of fun! The new Christmas video should be coming out soon, "A Savior is Born". I am excited to get pass-along cards so everyone can know about our Savior and His birth! 

Meet the Mormons is on youtube! Check it out! 

Question, is World War 3 about to break out? I heard that Paris got bombed and then they bombed Isis back...just sounds a little concerning. I don't know, maybe its just me. 

So some updates from this week:

We had two members we are teaching go to the temple! One was a recent convert, Taylor, and she is incredible! We meet with her once a week, give a lesson, and study out of Preach My Gospel with her. A less-active/ recent convert, Vilma, was able to go to the temple and walk around the grounds. The temple is like a 2 and a half hour drive from here I think so it showed a lot of devotion. We have also been meeting with Peggy and preparing her for the temple. I love Peggy. Guess what? She got a calling!!! She is the Personal Progress advisor now and she is looking forward to it. She felt not having a calling held her back from being a true member. She's so awesome. We are now working with her on her family history. 

Our mission is really big on setting baptismal dates with people on the spot so we had a district meeting on this. After the meeting, Sister Judkins and I set two dates with people! We are excited because we are finding people who are prepared by the Lord to make changes in their lives to be in closer harmony with Jesus Christ and His teachings. 

We are teaching a less active member who just moved into our ward. She is from India and has a very thick accent! She was basically baptized then dropped because she got married to a Hindu man. We are teaching her all the missionary lessons. She made us India food on Friday and she fed us the "not spicy" mouth was on fire. It was good though! 

We had a return appointment with a French man that we met tracting. He doesn't have a Christian background but has a desire to find the truth. We taught him how to pray and about who our Heavenly Father is. A lady in our ward went to France and Switzerland on her mission so she came with us to our lesson and it was great. We have been trying to get the members more involved in our missionary work this week and it has helped. Invite the missionaries to meet with your friends in a casual setting, don't make it a big deal. You will be happy you did when a year or two later you are sitting with them in the temple. :) I love the temple, it is a sacred place where you can be sealed with your family for forever! It's the thing I miss most out here on my mission. 

I love Moroni 10:32 in the Book of Mormon. Read it! 

I am grateful for my blessings of having family and friends that support me out here. A mission can be hard at times, but its so much easier when I get to email every week and receive letters from all of you. I have learned that I need to better support my friends on missions. 

Love you all,

Sister Morgan 
 Don't forget the "1/2"

  Peggy doing family history for the first time!

Can't remember if I sent this already...funny. 

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