Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Email

Dear everyone,

I have had a great Thanksgiving week, hope you did too!

First of all, I want to give a shout out to the Damascus Ward Young Women!!!! Thank you so much for the cute little Christmas package you sent me, it was very thoughtful. And Especially to Sister Sivertson, I love you, you are the best!

Thank you parents for the Thanksgiving card, it was a nice surprise! 

I hope World War 3 hasn't broken out...sounds a little scary.
I also hear the church is more in the news lately. Spread the gospel!

The new Christmas initiative, A Savior Is Born, is out!!! Go check it out at :)

This week has had lots of adventures! 
We have three people we are teaching, preparing for baptism. 
Alain: He is the french one. We teach him almost everyday and are taking it very slow since he didn't have a Christian background. It is cool though, reminds me of a past investigator who didn't know Jesus Christ. He is praying and reading the scriptures everyday and he is so much happier. IT is a cool experience, I love being a missionary! He came to church yesterday too.
Mark: We have taught him a few times and he has the biggest heart. He came to church yesterday! He felt welcomed and said he will be going up soon to give a talk like the other speakers. haha 
Shannon: She is moving :( Has a solid understanding of the Book of Mormon though and how it will bring her closer to Christ than any other book besides the bible. I know she will find comfort in reading it. Going to hand her over to the missionaries in Tampa. 

Peggy gave her first talk yesterday and it was fantastic!!!! Made me cry. So did Taylor's, we have been teaching her and helped her get to the temple! She was baptized in January. I love both of them and feel so lucky to be a part of their lives.

For Thanksgiving we ate dinner with a few families in my ward- my bishop and the stake president and my relief society president. It was good, but we felt antsy the whole time so we went out and street contacted before pie time. Speaking of pie, we made pie with the YW on Wed. Pumpkin and chocolate creme. The YW president was happy that I knew how to make pie crust. Who knew I took that culinary arts class for my mission? :)

Went to Sawgrass Park, see pictures. We saw so many alligators, it was cool! We went for a birthday party of a girl in our ward. Its funny that you can find random swamps in the middle of a city, but you can here! 

Well, I probably forgot something but oh well. I love being a missionary. It has changed my life. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it because I have read it and prayed sincerely to know its true. I feel happy when I read it and that the spirit is more in my life. It testifies of Jesus Christ, that He lived, that He loves us, and that He wants us to return to live with Heavenly Father. Reading a little bit of it everyday will bring you closer to our Savior. I know that the truth is found in this church. 

I love you all!

Sister Morgan

 Our relationship

 A final draft of the picture I painted :)

 Us ... a bit windy!

Us again!

A random picture

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