Monday, November 16, 2015

November Already?

Dear family and friends,

I think my title says it all. Its the middle of November! Boy, time flies!

My email is a little late today because this morning we went painting! A lady in our ward is an artist, AMAZING artist and gave us a free session today, painting on canvas with oil paints. :) It was so cool! I think I am secretly an artist ;) Sorry Allison, I am taking over the title! Not really, but I did better than I thought! 

Miracle of the week:
On Saturday night, we went up to these really nice apartments to contact a referral. The person we received this referral from wasn't sure which apartment his friend lives in, he though it was building 12, apartment 1209. So we walked over to it and the numbers were only five digits. We knocked on a few of the doors, asking for help or if he lived there. One man opened the door and after making it clear to us that he was Jewish and not a prime prospect, he found us a map of the apartment and told us that 1209 was in building one. So off to building one we went, we debated whether to walk there or drive because the complex was huge but we walked. Once we were there, we walked up the stairs, where 1209 and 1210 were, across from each other.  We knocked on 1209, no answer. 1210, no answer. We had no plans the rest of the night because our appts. cancelled. We walked down the stairs, disappointed with our night because we hadn't really talked to anyone and no one was outside. Once we reached level ground, a car pulled in. We decided to wait until they came out so we could talk to them. Out came a woman, who turned out to be a member in our ward that plays piano in Relief Society. She's single and works a lot. Thought she was in trouble because the missionaries were knocking on her door! We ended up going to her apartment and teaching her the Restoration. The spirit was very strong there and she said that Heavenly Father knew that she needed to hear it. What added more to our joy is that she is kind of an expert at family history so she might be able to help Peggy find out about her family which is hard because they are all dead and she's adopted. The miracle of it is this: If we hadn't knocked on the doors in building 12, we wouldn't have known to come to building one. If we had driven over to building one, we wouldn't have ran into the member. If we hadn't asked her if we could share a short message with her, she wouldn't have felt that God answered her prayer that night. It's in the timing of things that we can truly see God's hand. 

There were other cool stories from this week but not enough time to share them. Peggy is hopefully going to the temple this Saturday and just walking around while some members do a session. We are so excited for her to feel the power and spirit of the temple. I love the temple and can't wait until I can go again. :) I know that families can be sealed for this life and for eternity, after death. I will be married in a temple of God for time and all eternity someday. I love family history, we need to do all we can to find our lost ancestors and do their work for them. God is perfect, and so is His church! Everything is so organized, Peggy commented on that. She is in awe that there is an answer to every question and a reason and a place for everything. I so so grateful to be a part of Jesus Christ's church, ran with the same power and authority He had from God. 

I am grateful to be a missionary in Tampa, Florida! Or St. Petersburg, right now. :) I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I have come to love it as I study it every day. It applies to me in my life and I know it comes from God. I invite everyone to read it, whether they have already or not. 


Sister Morgan 

 Me and my painting, the teacher only had to help me once! 

Us and our paintings, and Sister Gorman our teacher! She's been doing this for over 40 years. 

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