Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Week in Paradise

Hello Everyone!

This has been a great week, a busy week, which are the best weeks!

Thank you Brad, Grandma Morgan, and Sister Vanderhoff (Ashley) for sending me a letter this week, I love getting letters! 

Daylight savings stinks. It is dark by 6:30pm! It is so hard for us because St. Petersburg isn't the safest place to serve in, almost everyone tells us to be careful and stay safe. So tracting after dark is not the best thing to be doing. We are allowed to see members again so we are trying to fill our nights with appts with members and of course, investigators (first priority). But we have pepper spray so we're good. :) 

On Tuesday I had interviews with President. Its been forever- we haven't had them since June!!! I love President Cusick, he is truly inspired. He loves us so much and pushes us because he knows what we are capable of accomplishing. I had a great interview with him, he says that my mission is truly blessing my family and I pray that it is. I have the best family ever! I am grateful for loving parents who taught be what is right and what is wrong. My siblings aren't too bad either ;) 

I have learned two valuable lessons this week. 1. Being happy truly is a choice. After being sick I was kind of in a slump, feeling unmotivated to do anything. People have always told me you have to choose to be happy but I never liked that because I thought it was fake to pretend to be happy, that you are what you are. But this week I put it to the test. I woke up Tues morning feeling sad but during studies I prayed to make myself happy and have the spirit with me. During studies I gave myself pep talks in my head and asked for God to inspire me through the Book of Mormon to change my attitude and guess what? It worked! I was much happier and motivated to take on the day. The other lesson is 2. The faster you apologize, the faster you feel guilt-less. There were two instances this week that I was upset at poor Sister Judkins. They were small things that didn't really matter but it built contention, which drives away the spirit. One of my biggest weaknesses is admitting that I am wrong and apologizing. I usually just let it fume and eventually die down until I forget about it but this week I knew I needed to change. So after both instances I prayed for help to have the courage to apologize and then I put it to action and did apologize. And let me tell you, I felt so good! Why do we get into arguments and fume over them? It drives away the spirit and you usually can't remember the next day why you were even mad. Jesus Christ was quick to forgive, so should we be. 

Elder and Sister Smith got us strawberry shakes from Plant City, and it was the best one I have ever had in my life! :)

We tracted into a man this week who told us he didn't need to do anything for the rest of His life. He said he had a dream that he was playing golf with God so he knew he was saved. Yep. We gave him a Book of Mormon anyways. 

We had St. Petersburg stake conference this week. There were many speakers, including the Orlando temple president and his wife. I love the temple and miss it so much. Please, go to the temple! Do family history! Find a recent convert in your ward and take them to the family history center, it will bless both of your lives! 

Anyways, this is long enough. Love you all, remember LOVE is spell T.I.M.E. 


Sister Morgan
Fun little photo shoot! :D
Practicing with remote set up!

Sister Judkins' camera -- Me and then a selfie!

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